HEAT – Metabolic Training meets Movement Based Pelvic Floor & Core Strength Exercise.  It’s whole body, integrated movement, A NO JUMP ZONE!

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We do everything required to make the metabolic shift to induce EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) WHICH ENSURES WE BURN FAT FOR HOURS AFTER THE CLASS and BOOSTS YOUR NATURAL PRODUCTION OF HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE but with no blooming burpees, tuck jumps or movements that most women of a certain age hate and are poor choices for those who have a Core/Pelvic Floors that require a little TLC.


Rachel Kermeen


We work hard but we work mindfully and of course use the breath and it is still very focused Pelvic Floor/Core work.  So we get FAT LOSS, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, FITNESS AND FUN IN ONE CLASS.    We use a TIMER to help you keep focused and have a great soundtrack to keep you motivated throughout.

No more, excusing yourself from the class for trips to the loo or panicking when certain exercises are presented.  We’ve got it all worked out so you can just focus on getting stronger and start to truly enjoy your fitness classes again.

And our unique ‘releases’ are still at the beginning and the end of each class but with a delicious twist!



And Voila! A programme that’s effective on EVERY LEVEL for the modern woman who wants


Perfect for Late Post-Natal Restorative Exercise and Perfect for Peri/Post Menopause Wellness & Fat Loss

Exercise that will empower and energise you not exhaust you and cause ‘accidents‘!


More Laughs Less Leaks

Class: 6 week block starting 3rd March. 8-9am

Price: £60