It’s all about the hips today!! The amount of ladies I see who are ‘stuck’ in this area.  Your hips are three-dimensional machines.  They may seem like simple ball-and-socket units, but because lots of muscles cross the front, back, and sides, they’re a massive networking centre of power.

You see, your hips are one of the primary force-producing joints, involved in virtually every lower-body movement from squatting down and jumping to running and lifting. As the hinging centre of your body, they also assist in maintaining your balance throughout anything that happens above them (presses, twists, throws, you name it). And, of course, they keep you on your feet every time you sidestep or shuffle, whether over a puddle, down a curb, or on the dance floor. Hence the 3-D responsibility.  Optimal hips generate force when you’re moving forward or backward as well as stabilise your body in rotational, lateral, and up-down motions.  The problem is, few of us have optimal hips.

Our sedentary lifestyles are mostly to blame. Sitting throws your hips into a crunched position, shortening and tightening the muscles there–namely your hip flexors, which run from your lower back to the top of your thighs and are responsible for lifting your legs. And because your hip and glute muscles are connected, there’s a knock-on effect. Your glutes can forget how to fire, setting you up for a lack of stability in your entire pelvic area, which affects your core and lower-body strength too.

What we do in my Every Woman 6 week Foundation Course is get you reconnected with your body (especially your hips, glutes & core).  To release what’s tight & strengthen what’s weak.  Here are the dates for my courses starting in September:

1) Monday 11th September 9.30am for 6 consecutive weeks – this course is specifically aimed at peri/post menopausal ladies wanting to take back some control at this time in their life.  Learn tools & techniques to help themselves through this transition.  There are only 2 places left on this course!!

2) Saturday 16th September 2pm. Follow class dates will be 23rd and 30th September and also 7th, 21st and 28th October.  This course is specifically for post-natal ladies wanting to regain their core & pelvic floor strength post-birth.  Get back to exercise in a safe and progressive way.  Get some well deserved ‘ME’ time to work on themselves for 6 weeks.  Learn tools and techniques to implement into your day-to-day life to protect yourself when you are lifting, carrying, twisting, pushing your little ones around.

I’ll leave you with this hip mobility video to follow along with at home. Try it out and let me know what you think: