Do you suck your tummy in ALL THE TIME? If you do then read on.  This blog post is all about the tummy & how sucking & tensing your tummy ALL THE TIME has an impact on so many areas of the body. I met a lady last week who was struggling with pain & pressure in the pelvis when running.  I was massaging her tummy & she mentioned that she held her tummy in most of the time as this made her feel strong.  There is a huge difference between sucking in & engaging the deep core muscles so we spent some time teaching her how to engage the correct muscles to support her rather than constantly sucking in.  Sucking in may be sexy in a swim suit or when you’re wearing your skinny jeans (which in itself can cause pelvic health issues), but this upward force of the diaphragm opposes our natural functions like: breathing, digestion, elimination, menstruation, circulation & birth just to name a few.  So just stop & listen to your body……are you sucking in RIGHT NOW or are your core muscles relaxed? Most of us are so used to spending years sucking in that we don’t actually know how to release & relax these muscles so watch the video below which shows you how to start to relax & release these muscles.



In order to regain the optimal function of your core, sucking in needs to stop. We discuss this in week 1 of my 6 week Every Woman Course.  I have 2 courses starting in September with details below.  These will probably be the last courses I run for 2017 so don’t miss out!!  Remember the early bird discount of £120 is still valid until Tuesday.

Course Dates:

Monday 11th September – 9.30am

Saturday 16th September (no class 14th Oct) – 2pm

Venue: Follan Natural Health Centre

Book here.

I’ll leave you with this thought: