I can’t tell you how many mums I have seen in the last few weeks who have said to me “I’ve got a really sore wrist” “I’ve got mummy wrist” “I’ve got mummy thumb”.  Here are my tips to help heal and prevent mummy wrist & mummy thumb.

The injury is a form of tendonitis, caused by repeatedly lifting a baby.  Symptoms include pain, swelling and difficulty moving the thumb.  When you have a baby the ligaments in the body relax, and then all of a sudden, with weaker ligaments and floppy tendons you have to effectively weight lift all day.  Statistically on average a new mum will lift their baby 25 to 30 times a day.




My Top Tips:

Use a feeding pillow – a support pillow will help support the babies weight instead of using your arm and wrist.  It also promotes better posture to help with those mummy aches and pains as you tend to not hunch over as much when feeding. I used a really big one like this which wrapped around my front.

Holding/carrying posture – hold your baby in a way that doesn’t overexert the muscles of your hand, wrist, and forearm.  Keep your forearm, wrist, and hand in a straight line instead of bending the wrist to hold your baby’s head or when holding your baby around the back. Take frequent breaks from any hand-intensive activity, and allow your hand and wrist to rest in a neutral position. If possible, carry your child with both arms or use a baby carrier. And when pushing a pram, place your palms on top of the handles to minimise the tendency to bend your wrists.

Wear a splint – you may need some support for a few weeks until the inflammation and pain has reduced.  A split can help to keep the thumb and wrist in the correct position to help to heal and reduce further injury.



Massage – manual therapy has been known to also help speed up recovery.  Why not book in for a 30 minutes appointment where I can work on the hand, wrist, arm, shoulder and chest to help ease the tension?  Contact me to book your appointment now.

Visit your GP – if the symptoms persist for a long time please go and visit your GP for a check-up.


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